A lot of people do not realize that they should make a routine visit to a Pembroke Pines Eye Doctor even if they are not  having any problems with their vision. People wait for something to go wrong before they go to a Pembroke Pines Eye Doctor.  They say that prevention is better than cure and you can prevent a number of problems with your vision by visiting a Pembroke  Pines Opthomologiston a routine basis. If there is a problem it will be caught early on and if there are signs of a problem  that may occur in the future the doctor can take steps to prevent it from occurring.

If you have children then you should not take chances with their eye care. The American Optometric association recommends  that you take your child to the eye doctor for an exam at the age of 6 months. After this they should see an eye doctor every  2 or 3 years and before they start school. Even if everything is fine in the exam you should make sure you take your children  to see a Pembroke Pines Opthomologiston a regular basis. 

As we get older the chances of problems occurring with our vision increase. Diseases like diabetes which are more likely to  occur with older people can cause problems with your sight. A regular eye exam will help you identify any loss of vision. If  you have cataracts or suffer from glaucoma then they can be spotted in the eye exam. If glaucoma is not treated on time it  can lead to permanent loss of vision. This is why it is important for you to visit a Pembroke Pines Eye Doctor on a regular  basis. You may even realize that you have diabetes or some other condition because of the eye exam and then get the necessary  treatment in a timely fashion.

Those who do not have any problems with their vision should see the doctor at least once every two years. If you already have  Pembroke Pines Glasses then you should see the doctor at least once a year. This way if your number increases and you need  new Pembroke Pines Glasses the eye doctor will be able to let you know. After the age of 65 people should make use they see  the doctor at least once a year. If you experience headaches or blurry vision then you should immediately visit a Pembroke  Pines Opthomologist.

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